On this day, In 1980 Tom Watson wins the Glen Campbell-Los Angeles Open by one stroke


Watson prevails at the Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open

On February 24th 1980, America was still reeling from the improbable win against Russia in the 1980 Winter Olympics.  Im sure, many on the PGA Tour felt proud, but for Tom Watson, he had some work to do.  Watson, Bob Gilder and Don January played giveaway in the final round of the Glen Campbell L.A. Open and, as Watson said,

“It just happened I was on the right end this time after being on the wrong end twice before.”

The final result however ended up in Watson’s favor.  His opponents Gilder and January both bogeyed the 18th hole in what was a close round for all three.  Its almost more accurate to say that Gilder and January lost it for themselves.

Gilder and January, playing in the final three-some immediately behind Watson’s group just needed pars to push the affair into extra holes. But as Gilder famously put it,

“Its hard to make a 4 on a hole when you need a 4”

Watson naturally was cool and calm while the luck went his way.  Watson shot a 71, even par in the last round to have a total score of 8 under par, 276 for the event.  Gilder and January settled for 7 under, 277’s.

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