Tiger Woods, Erica Herman Sued For Drunken Employee Dying in Car Crash

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Tiger Woods, Erica Herman Sued For Drunken Employee Dying in Car Crash


Tiger Woods has had a bountiful amount of good news lately. However, that has just changed. Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, who own and works as general manager respectively at The Woods restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, have been named as defendants in wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit says that 24-year-old Nicholas Immesberger, a bartender at the restaurant, drove 20 miles from the restaurant on December 10, 2018, and crashed his vehicle. His blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was discovered to be over three times the legal limit (.256). Woods and Herman, as well as the other employees and management, are said to have served Immesberger alcohol to the point of intoxication knowing he had no other means of getting home beyond driving.

Immesberger had allegedly struggled with alcoholism, which both Woods and Herman allegedly knew about. The incident happened after Immesberger finished his shift that day and stuck around to drink until he was sent home. The suit is saying that Woods and Herman should have not overserved alcohol to its customers.

Even more damaging was that Woods and Herman were both drinking with Immesberger allegedly a few nights before his fatal crash. They were both also said to have known Immesberger was attending Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings and had another alcohol-related crash in November. The family seeks around $15,000 in damages from Woods, Herman, and their restaurant. Nothing involved a sonic boom. His legal team has denied these allegations throughout various motions to dismiss this lawsuit.

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“If there was any negligence that caused or contributed to [Immesberger’s] alleged injuries, it was solely the result of negligence on the part of third parties who were not under the care, custody, control or supervision of [Woods],” the motion said. Woods, himself, is no stranger to these types of events.

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What started as simple knee troubles in 2008 grew to knee surgery and much more for the 2019 Masters Winner. In 2009, The National Enquirer alleged that Woods had an affair with Rachel Uchitel, a New York City nightclub worker after he had married Elin Nordegren in 2004. While Uchitel denied the claims, it did not stop US Weekly from publishing a story about the affair and Woods releasing a statement for his behavior. In 2009, he crashed his car into a fire hydrant, tree, and hedges, which led, in February 2010, to the loss of many promotional deals with companies like Gatorade and General Motors and his issuing another apology.

After divorcing Nordegren in 2010 and having spinal fusion surgery in 2017, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested Woods for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He told the police he was in recovery from his surgery. He was allegedly asleep in the car with it running and not moving in a lane of traffic. He said he did not realize how the prescription drugs he was taking would interact the way they did.

As 2017 continued on, Woods completed an out-of-state intensive program to address how he handles his medications and pain. He skipped his arraignment on August 9, entering a not guilty plea via his attorney while agreeing also to take part in a first-time DUI offender program with another arraignment scheduled for the future. He might have had better luck waking up with a sonic boom.

While Woods has had plenty of good news recently, this could be particularly devastating for him, if true. Let’s hope this is not the first of a string of bad news for Woods, who had just recently overcome the devastation that wrought him the last many years.

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