Revelations: More Details on Tiger’s Fall From New Book


Revelations: More Details on Tiger’s Fall From New Book

The fall of Tiger Woods has been something that has been profiled by much of the news media. Someone who was once a giant in the golf world fell to the perils of temptation and addiction. He did not have an easy time being able to get past the struggles of his life. While he gave into temptation and addiction in 2009, he would relapse back in 2017. Tiger has recently made his way back to the world of golf, where he has been playing regularly once more. As revealed in Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armean Keteyian, the downfall of Tiger was a tad bit more complex than previously was known.

The book states that things began with a very messy fight between Woods and his then-wife Elin Nordegren during the 2009 Thanksgiving. Nordegren confronted Woods about his affair with Racheal Uchitel and he sought to leave as he was high on the prescription drugs he was taking. He wanted to depart the situation to leave the anger Nordegren was displaying and accidentally drove it into the tree. Woods cheated on around 14 different women who admitted to having affairs with him. Woods had sought to keep every piece of his personal life away from the public spotlight but could not stop when a National Enquirer piece revealed it all.

Woods pictured with ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

For Nordegren, the book described the pain she felt. “The pain and sadness was beyond anything she had experienced,” the book said. For a period of time, Woods was seeking to deny all the accusations being thrown at him before eventually admitting everything that happened and sought help from places like all male drug and alcohol rehab centers. He was seeking assistance for his sex addiction. While at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Mississippi, it was an experience that was very different from other luxurious homes he lived in. It was said to be a “tiny, sparsely furnished cottage with a bed and a dresser.” Compared to the millions of dollars Woods has, this is something that truly is simple. It showed that he wanted to suffer for what had happened.

Woods was not allowed to have internet, a computer, or a TV while he also had to share a room and follow a 10:00 p.m. curfew each day. He would be checked by the staff each morning at 3:00 a.m. while his ability to take pills for sleeping and his pain were restricted. Probably the roughest time for Woods was when he had to put together a timeline of all the darkest points in his life. It was known as a Sexual Dependency Inventory. “As part of the assessment, Woods had to put together a timeline from childhood to present day detailing every sexual experience and encounter he could remember, including what his family had taught him about sex and sexual development,” the book stated.

His addiction to pain and sleeping drugs was a focus of his treatment as it would later be at the all male drug and alcohol rehab centers following his DUI (driving under the influence) arrest in 2017. The US Surgeon General notes that around 21 million US citizens struggle with addiction to substances and only 10 percent ever receive the treatment they need. Eventually, Woods had to confront Nordegren and tell her about every sin he ever committed in their relationship. Therapists would watch Woods to make sure he did not exhibit explosive outbursts of anger or stress signs while giving him guidance about taking deep breaths. A tough day for Woods came when it was his son’s first birthday on February 8, 2010. He thought about his family as he was at the Mississippi rehab center. While this appeared to be over with as Woods returned to playing golf once more in 2010, history would repeat itself again with Woods ending up back in rehab again.

In 2017, Woods was arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). He told the police he was in recovery following a spinal fusion surgery he previously had. He was asleep with his car running and not moving in a lane of traffic. Woods said he did not realize how the prescription drugs he was taking would interact. He completed an out-of-state intensive program, skipped his arraignment on August 9, and entered a not guilty plea via his attorney.

Woods took part in a first-time DUI offender program and had a future arraignment. Eventually, he would begin to return to the game of golf once more by playing in the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, California on Thursday, January 25- Sunday, January 28, 2018. While he finished one-under 71 and it took him four birdies on the back nine with one on the final hole to make the cut, it seems that Woods is making another return to the great game of golf. His fans hope that this one remains a permanent one with no diversions from the journey of the legend he truly is.

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