Rest In Peace: Roberto De Vincenzo 1923 – 2017


Rest In Peace: Roberto De Vincenzo 1923 – 2017

On this day, June 1st 2017 Argentine golfer Roberto De Vincenzo passed away at the age of 94.  He won 231 tournaments worldwide, was second in other 127 and third in 82. He got in the top-5 in 490 events, and in the top-10 in 586. Traveling from his home in Buenos Aires, De Vicenzo’s true legacy is carried through the many friends he made while traveling the globe as an ambassador for the game.

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His biggest win came at the 1967 Open Championship where he finished 2 strokes clear of Jack Nicklaus for the Claret Jug.  Unfortunately his name is often brought up at The Masters, due to the incident he was involved in during the 1968 Masters Tournament.  He forgot to check his scorecard and cost himself a playoff with eventually winner Bob Goalby.

In 1970 he was voted the Bob Jones Award, the highest honor given by the United States Golf Association in recognition of distinguished sportsmanship in golf.  He was rightly so inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1989.


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  1. He had strong, skillful hands, and had mastered wonderful control of the club with them. “I’ve always had big hands,” he explained while introducing a valuable element of his sporting career: his palms, which De Vicenzo moves copying his body’s fluid rhythm. He thought that faith and trust were important in golf. Faith especially is one of the essences of the game. And it has to happen in analogy to creativity.

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