Pebble Beach Golf Links: The Official History


A celebration of one of the most beautiful places on earth, Pebble Beach Golf Links chronicles over 80 years of spectacular golf at the greatest meeting of land and water.



Here is the story of one of America’s most beautiful, historic & legendary golf courses. Backed by long hidden files and photos from The Pebble Beach Co. archives, this book is the definitive history of the course.
The origin, development and fascination business aspects of the course are covered in detail. Among the multitude of historical photos are brilliant color shots showing the beauty of the course today.
All the variety and glamour of Pebble Beach are here. Professional and amateur championships, women’s golf and the Bing Crosby years with celebrities galore are documented with more wonderful photos.
Pebble Beach is more than golf, it is a rich piece of Americana. This book makes that apparent and is fascinating reading for anyone interested in the sport or the personalities that make up Pebble Beach lore.

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