History of Golf by Robert Browning


Robert Browning served as editor of Golfing magazine in London for 45 years, accumulating in that time a tremendous ability to ferret out golf facts and an unsurpassed breadth of knowledge about the game. Published the year he retired, A History of Golf is the culmination of Browning’s lifelong study, passion and work.



According to the esteemed Herbert Warren Wind, it “is in a class by itself; it is far and away the finest one-volume history of golf.” This is not a history of golfers. Many of the great players are mentioned and their exploits touched upon, but this information is included solely to help document the game’s evolution. The title of the book belies its depth; it is a complete history of golf, yet far from boring. While thousands of historical events are related, Browning also explains how these incidents fostered the development of the game. Presenting facts in the context golf’s evolution gives them life and meaning unobtainable by mere listing.

Browning’s engaging style is further enhanced by the method he uses to organize and divide his subject matter into manageable bites.

Each book chapter covers a period ranging from 44 years to 284 years, averaging around a century-and-a-half. The format of overlapping sequences gives A History of Golf an unparalleled continuity. The reader understands how the whole fabric of golf is woven—and how the beauty of the tapestry is created as the individual threads appear and disappear. The book is also invaluable as a research tool. Its division into specific subject matters and chronological arrangement makes it an especially useable reference. Herbert Warren Wind has confided it is one of the three most useful books on his shelves*. It boasts a thorough index and, for quick reference, an appendix listing over 150 important events arranged by dates. The wealth of information in this book is staggering, but within his crisp historical prose are scatted enough amusing anecdotes to keep one interested and entertained.

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