On this day, 1981 Miller Barber wins the Senior PGA Championship over Arnold Palmer

On this day, 1981 Miller Barber won his “Senior Major”

It was on this day, In 1981 Miller Barber won the Senior PGA Championship, his 1st of five “Senior Major Championships”.  It was his first season on the Senior Tour and Barber sure did cash in.  Before the Senior PGA, he won the Peter Jackson Champions in June and Suntree Seniors Classic in October.  It wasn’t an easy road for Mr. X who had to take on someone who had been there before in Arnold Palmer.  Palmer had won the 1980 Senior PGA Championship just a year earlier also held in North Miami Beach. Barber also over came a scare at the sixteenth hole where he scored a double bogey. Barber’s win was primarily attributed to his torrid birdie streak of four in a row on the back nine.  His full 72 hole score was 68-72-68-73=281 finishing 7 under par.

The Senior PGA Championship

The Senior PGA Championship is the oldest of all of the major “senior” championships.  The first one was held at Augusta National in 1937 and has been held at variety of courses of its history.  Sam Snead dominated the event during the 1960’s collecting six wins between 1964-1973.  Its more impressive if you would add the three PGA Championships he won in 1942, 1949, and 1951 to extend the tally to nine.  The next closest person when you add the PGA + Sr. PGA Championships is Jack Nicklaus with six (5 PGA, 1 Senior).  Thats a pretty high mark to catch…Tiger Woods has four PGA Championships to his name right now.  Could he be the one to upend Snead’s mark down the road?

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