On July 25, 1997 Golf legend Ben Hogan died at the age of 84

Ben Hogan

This Day in Hogan History: RIP Ben Hogan

By: Mark Baron – On July 25, 1997 Ben Hogan died at the age of 84. He underwent colon cancer surgery two years prior to his death, lived his final days in the throes of Alzheimer’s and died after suffering a massive pulmonary embolism. He was buried at Greenwood Memorial Park, Fort Worth, TX. Ben demonstrated throughout his life that through shear determinism you can overcome tremendous obstacles. Rest in Peace

The obituary from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, July 26, 1997

The following are quotes about Ben Hogan from friends and family that knew him best.

Byron Nelson: “Ben’s a great friend of mine, and he, in my book, is the greatest golfer that ever lived. There’s been some good ones, but he is really a dedicated–he was a dedicated man, and he accomplished what he started out to do.”

Jack Nicklaus: “I thought Ben Hogan as a shot maker has been unparalleled in the game of golf. I don’t think anybody worked at it as hard as Hogan did. You have a lot of guys that work hard, but I think Hogan came to the game and excelled in hard work, perseverance, determination, and the will to succeed. And I’ve got a tremendous respect for that, and I have a tremendous respect for Ben Hogan.”

Doug Sanders: “The passing of an era. The golf world has an empty place in it now that we won’t ever fill.”

Ben Crenshaw: “For as long as the game is played, the name Ben Hogan will always have a unique fascination for all true golfers. For those who follow golf closely, he was the total embodiment of what a great player should be. No one ever played the game like Mr. Hogan and no human has ever come as close to controlling the golf ball as perfectly as he did.”

Jim McLean: “Hogan’s golf swing is indeed timeless”

Jimmy Demaret: ”What set Ben apart from everybody else was his inside game – the unbelievable will to win, the quiet determination, the intense concentration.”

Bobby Jones: “I used to think I was a hard worker at this game, but Ben is the hardest worker I’ve ever seen.”

Mike Wright: “It was so simple for him. Why isn’t it that way for all of us? It wasn’t a revelation, just another example of how he thought about every single thing, every work, every step that he ever made.”

Dr. James D. Murphy: “He didn’t deny himself the pleasures of life, but he flaunted nothing.”

Dan Jenkins: “Apologies are in order… but a man can get carried away trying to prove that Ben Hogan was the greatest golfer who ever lived, before or since.

Valerie Hogan: “I can tell you no one, no one loved golf more than Ben Hogan.”

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