On August 1st, 1914 Lloyd Mangrum was born in Trenton, TX

Happy Birthday to Lloyd Mangrum

By: Mark Baron – August 1, 1914, Happy Birthday to the often called ‘The Forgotten Man of Golf’, Lloyd Mangrum, one of Ben Hogan’s fiercest rivals on the professional golf tour.  Mr. Mangrum earned four Battle Stars and received two Purple Hearts in World War II.  He landed in Omaha beach during D-Day, served under General George Patton, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and saw combat until the final days in Czechoslovakia.  Of his original platoon, only he and one other man survived the war.  Mangrum returned home after the war to find that, “Golf is a cinch compared to what I went through in the war.”

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Lloyd Mangrum had 36 Tour wins (ranking him in the top 15 of all time), one major victory, the 1946 US Open which he won in a playoff with Byron Nelson & Vic Ghezzi, lost in two US Open playoffs in 1940 and 1950, 24 top ten in majors, he twice earned the Vardon Trophy and played on four Ryder Cup teams (once serving as playing captain).  A quarter century after his death, Mangrum was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1998.

World Golf Hall of Fame Profile: Lloyd Mangrum

Video: Dr. Tony Parker, World Golf Hall of Fame historian, tells a sentimental Lloyd Mangrum story you are bound never to forget.

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