On this day, In 1995 Greg Norman sinks a 66 ft chip shot on the 1st playoff hole to win WSOG

Greg Norman

Greg Norman, known for his epic collapses had fortune on his side when he holed out in the playoff

By: Josh Morris – Greg Norman the golfer pretty much synonymous with epic collapses on the golf course finally had something go his way at Firestone Country Club in 1995.  He, Nick Price, & Billy Mayfair were all in a playoff after Mayfair let his lead slip away while missing a six foot birdie putt to seal the tournament.  Both Norman and Price were some of the best players in the world at the time and the victor would almost surely be one of them.  Norman opted to finish the tournament without a putt by holing out a 60 foot chip shot.  Mayfair and Price both missed their birdie putts and the title was Normans.  It was about time that The Shark had something go his way.  He has a disappointing Open Championship and PGA Championship.

The real controversy happened on in the early stages of the first round.  Greg Norman accused playing partner Mark McCumber of pulling a blade of grass away from his ball before attempting a par putt at the 7th hole.  McCumber claimed he was only swatting a insect away from his ball.  Norman was furious and seriously contemplated withdrawing from the tournament from outright disgust, I suppose.  But for the greater good, The shark finished the event.

“I felt very strongly about the issue.  It required a lot of convincing not to withdraw.  Everybody around me told me not to compromise myself and my chances to win and it turned out to be the right thing to do.”

— Greg Norman

Josh Morris

Josh Morris is the Editor of Golf History Today. A proud USGA Volunteer and golf enthusiast. In his free time he enjoys being a weekend caddie as well as playing as much as he can.

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