On this day, In 2014 The famous Eisenhower tree on the grounds of Augusta National was removed due to a major ice storm

Eisenhower Tree

On February 16th, 2014, the Eisenhower Tree at Augusta National was removed after suffering extensive damage during a major ice storm.

“The loss of the Eisenhower Tree is difficult news to accept”, Augusta National chairman Billy Payne said. “We obtained opinions from the best arborists available and … were advised that no recovery was possible.”

The tree became famous after it repeatably interfered with President Eisenhower rounds of golf.  One year, the Tree came into play as Tommy Aaron hit a shot off the 17th tee which became known as the “Lost Ball Incident”. The ball could not be located and a drop was given. The next day according to Aaron, while playing on the 17th again, the ball apparently fell from its perch within the tree.

In 2011, Tiger Woods was playing a shot from underneath the Eisenhower and damaged his left knee and Achilles tendon when he slipped on some pine straw.The storm occurred two months before the Masters Tournament.  The loss of the tree brought tributes. Jack Nicklaus said,

“The Eisenhower Tree is such an iconic fixture and symbol of tradition at Augusta National. It was such an integral part of the game and one that will be sorely missed.”

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