On this day, In 1902 Gene Sarazen, owner of seven majors was born in Harrison, NY


Gene Sarazen would have been 116 today…

On this day, In 1902 Gene Sarazen was born in Harrison, NY.  He is without a doubt the classic early American golf story, starting as a caddy and rising through the ranks.  Sarazen is one of only five golfers (along with Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods) to win all the major championships in his career, the Career Grand Slam: U.S. Open in 1922, 1932, PGA Championship in 1922, 1923, 1933, British Open in 1932, and The Masters in 1935.

PGA Tour wins – 39

1922 (3) Southern (Spring) Open, U.S. Open, PGA Championship
1923 (1) PGA Championship
1925 (1) Metropolitan Open
1926 (1) Miami Open
1927 (3) Long Island Open, Miami Open, Metropolitan PGA
1928 (4) Miami Beach Open, Miami Open, Nassau Bahamas Open, Metropolitan PGA
1929 (2) Miami Open, Miami Beach Open
1930 (8) Miami Open, Agua Caliente Open, Florida West Coast Open, Concord Country Club Open, United States Pro Invitational, Western Open, Lannin Memorial Tournament, Middle Atlantic Open
1931 (3) Florida West Coast Open, La Gorce Open, Lannin Memorial Tournament
1932 (4) True Temper Open, Coral Gables Open Invitational, U.S. Open, British Open
1933 (1) PGA Championship
1935 (3) The Masters, Massachusetts Open, Long Island Open
1937 (2) Florida West Coast Open, Chicago Open
1938 (1) Lake Placid Open
1941 (1) Miami Biltmore International Four-Ball (with Ben Hogan)

Major Championships

Year Championship 54 Holes Winning Score Margin Runners Up
1922 U.S. Open 4 shot deficit +8 (72-73-75-68=288) 1 stroke Flag of United States Bobby Jones
1922 PGA Championship N/A 4 & 3 4 strokes Flag of United States Emmet French
1923 PGA Championship (2) N/A 38th hole 1 stroke Flag of United States Walter Hagen
1932 U.S. Open (2) 1 shot deficit +6 (74-76-70-66=286) 3 strokes Flag of Scotland Bobby Cruickshank, Flag of England Phil Perkins
1932 The Open Championship 4 shot lead (70-69-70-74=283) 5 strokes Flag of United States Macdonald Smith
1933 PGA Championship (3) N/A 5 & 4 5 strokes Flag of United States Willie Goggin
1935 The Masters 3 shot deficit -6 (68-71-73-70=282) Playoff 1 Flag of United States Craig Wood

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