On this day, Christy O’Connor Jr. hits a miraculous shot during the Ryder Cup, a 2 iron to 4 ft to beat Fred Couple’s


Christy O’Connor Jr. hits a miraculous shot at the Belfry

O’Connor described the Sunday as the greatest day of his life, and one that he would remember forever, although he had earlier explained that “I just can’t remember hitting the shot. Everything is a daze to me at the moment.” If anyone needs a reminder of that fantastic shot, there is a plaque marking the location from where it was played, which reads: “Christy O’Connor Jr hit his famous two iron from this spot in his 1989 Ryder Cup singles match”. A permanent tribute to one of the greatest shots in modern Ryder Cup history. That one more swing for Ireland wrote O’Connor’s name into Ryder Cup folklore and, along with Cañizares, he helped Jacklin’s Dad’s Army keep the trophy for another two years.

Sadly, O Connor passed away at the age of 67 earlier this year.

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