On this day, In 2004 Aussie Craig Parry holes out from 176 yards to win the Ford Championship at Doral

Craig Parry

Craig Parry works his magic… makes ball disappear in cup to take the Ford Championship

On the first playoff hole of the Ford Championship at Doral, Craig Parry holed his approach shot from 176 yards at the par 4 18th hole.  It was Parry’s second shot on the par-4 18th & it was perfect for an eagle Sunday to beat Scott Verplank.

It’s amazing. said Parry “I probably won’t be able to put into words what actually happened.”

It was a scene of jubilation for Parry and those around him.  When the crowd roared, he knew instantly what he had done.  With his best improvisation skills he tossed his club up in the air and did a swift leg kick while pumping his right fist.  A nice celebration by anyones standards, then rightfully so he hugged his caddy, his brother Glenn.

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