On this day, In 1999 David Duval becomes the 3rd man in PGA Tour history to shoot a 59


Duval becomes 3rd man to card 59 in 1999

To shoot a 59 you need precision, skil and a bit of luck. Just a year ago…Justin Thomas, Adam Hadwin, and Woody Austin of the Champions Tour all recorded a sub 60 round within a week of each other.  When Duval did it he was just hitting his stride and was the third man in history to do it on the PGA Tour.  Just Al Giegberger and Chip Beck accomplished it before him.  No one really tee’s it up to expect to shoot 59… It is more common for a pitcher to hurl a perfect game, more common for a bowler to roll a 300. Shooting a 59 is almost a surrealistic experience, something golfers dream about, but a zone that very few have experienced.

Duval’s 59 scorecard and stroke by stroke breakdown

LA QUINTA, Calif. – David Duval’s PGA record-tying 13-under 59 in the final round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic played on the 6,950-yard PGA West Palmer Private course:

No. 1, 426 yards, par 4: Driver. Pitching wedge. 5-foot birdie putt.
No. 2, 514 yards, par 5: Driver. 4-iron. Chip with sand wedge. 3-foot birdie putt.
No. 3, 180 yards, par 3: 6-iron. 3-foot birdie putt.
No. 4, 396 yards, par 4: 2-iron. 9-iron. 2-putt from 15 feet. Tap in for par.
No. 5, 233 yards, par 3: 5-iron. 5-foot birdie putt.
No. 6, 562 yards, par 5: Driver. 5-iron. Sand wedge. 2-putt from 30 feet. 1 1/2-foot putt for par.
No. 7, 439 yards, par 4: 2-iron. 7-iron. 2-putt from 40 feet. 2-foot putt for par.
No. 8, 358 yards, par 4: 3-wood. Sand wedge. Chip with 3-iron. 6-foot putt for par.
No. 9, 451 yards, par 4: 3-wood. 8-iron. 8-foot birdie putt.
No. 10, 453 yards, par 4: 3-wood. Sand wedge. 4-foot birdie putt.
No. 11, 512 yards, par 5: Driver. 4-iron. Pitching wedge. 4-foot birdie putt.
No. 12, 207 yards, par 3: 6-iron. 2-foot birdie putt.
No. 13, 447 yards, par 4: 3-wood. 7-iron. 2-putt from 12 feet. Tap in for par.
No. 14, 569 yards, par 5: Driver into bunker. 5-iron. Sand wedge. 10-foot birdie putt.
No. 15, 156 yards, par 3: 8-iron. 1 1/2-foot birdie putt.
No. 16, 364 yards, par 4: 2-iron. Sand wedge. 6-inch birdie putt.
No. 17, 130 yards, par 3: 9-iron. 2-putt from 20 feet. 5-foot putt for par.
No. 18, 543 yards, par 5: Driver. 5-iron. 8-foot eagle putt.

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