1/25/1997 Tiger Woods aces the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale in front of thousands


An Ace, a beer shower, and thousands of patrons cheering at TPC Scottsdale

What more can be said… golfs new & upcoming superstar… in front of thousands… does the impossible.  On this day, In 1997 Tiger Woods aced the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale and receives the beer shower of a lifetime.

A current PGA Tour golfer, Robert Garrigus, was in the crowd that day as a college student and fan.

“I might have been the first guy to throw a beer, I don’t know,” said Garrigus on PGATour.com. “But it started raining, big time, and everybody in the Thunderbirds was like, ‘No, no,’ and they’re getting pelted with beers. It was unbelievable.

Don’t believe that Tiger made it rain? Here is evidence…the tee box was littered with empty cups of beer.

Listen to Tiger Woods himself recount the experience.  Note: Raise the Roof era questionable?

“Just smelling and hearing the beer hit behind me,” Woods recalled this week. “Turn around and see all this beer flying was crazy. … You see all these beer cups everywhere on the tee box.”

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