On this day, In 1995 Presidents Ford, H.W. Bush, & Clinton tee it up at the Bob Hope Desert Classic


One this day, In 1995 Three Presidents tee’d it up at the Bob Hope Classic.

One thing is for sure when have politicians on the golf course you need to run and take cover: Spiro Agnew.  The presidential game at Indian Wells Country Club claimed a quick casualty. Tournament bystander Norma Early of Vista took an errant Bush shot on the first hole square on the bridge of her nose, shattering her glasses and opening a cut that required 10 stitches to close.  Bush rushed over to the stricken fan and consoled her while tournament officials administered first aid. She was driven away in a golf cart.

Presidential duffers

From there, however, the body count mounted.

Bush hit another fan, John C. Rynd of Chula Vista, on the lower buttock on the 14th hole. “How’s the wound?” the ex-President asked.

“No blood, no problem,” Rynd replied in good humor, showing Bush just where he had taken the hit. Bush autographed the offending ball and moved on.

Ford, who has a reputation as a wild and erratic golfer, drew no blood until the 17th hole, where a screaming liner off the tee nailed Geraldine Grommesh of Fargo, N.D., in the left index finger.

She said she had never been hurt on a golf course before. “I’m just glad it was a former President who hit me,” she said.

Hope, who described the group as “three presidents and a hacker,” said earlier in the week of Ford: “They have 57 courses down here, and he doesn’t know which one he’s going to play until after his first tee shot.”

The Results

George H.W. Bush – 92

Bill Clinton – 93

Gerald Ford – 100

Bob Hope – They stopped keeping score around the turn….



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