1982: Seve Ballesteros wins the Cepsa Madrid Open for his 17th win


Ballesteros wins Madrid Open by a stroke

Severiano Ballesteros shot a four-underpar 68 and won the $90,000 Cepsa Madrid Open golf tournament by just a shot. Jose Canizares, who started the final round two shots ahead, carded a 71 and was unable to triumph. This was the 17th win of Ballesteros professional career and his second time winning the Cepsa Madrid Open in the past two years.

The Cepsa Madrid Open

The Madrid Open was an annual men’s golf tournament which was held in and around the Spanish capital Madrid from 1968 to 2007, apart from a seven-year gap from 1994 to 2000. It was an official money event on the European Tour since the tour’s first official season in 1972 until 2007. Spain was the only country other than the UK which hosted more than one event in 1972, the other tournament in the country being the Spanish Open.

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