On this day, In 1981 Gerald Ford skips Ronald Reagan’s inauguration to golf with Arnold Palmer…

A No Brainer For Some!


Skipping the inauguration to golf, a no brainer for some…

January 20th marked the inauguration of the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan.  While all the regular sorts were expected to be there, Gerald Ford had other plans.  The 38th President of the United States wanted to play golf and “stay in the background”.  Instead of attending the inauguration as expected he took his talents to the golf course to partner up with Arnold Palmer in the Bing Crosby Invitational.

Former President Ford was actually still playing at the time when Mr. Reagan delivered his Inaugural Address.  The former President said that his absence was understood by Mr. Reagan, and in no way represented ill feelings between the rivals for the Republican nomination in 1976.  For every man who has had an obligation take him away from the golf course understands that this was a pretty easy decision for Ford.

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