On this day, In 1973 Billy Casper wins his 50th PGA Tour title winning the Greater Hartford Open

Greater Hartford Open

Billy Casper set a record in 1973 for winning the Greater Hartford Open for a 4th time

By: Josh Morris – On this day in 1973 Billy Casper had done what just a few others in golf history have accomplished by reaching 50 professional wins on the PGA Tour.  This win, The Greater Hartford Open, was the fourth time he won the event which is still a record that stands today.  He won it twice when it was called the Insurance City Open in 1963 and 1965, and he also won it once when it’s named changed to the Greater Hartford Open in 1968.  This time, his last time, the fourth time it was attached to celebrity Sammy Davis Jr and now called the Sammy Davis Jr.-Greater Hartford Open.  It was Casper, at the end of his peak who outlasted Bruce Devlin by one stroke to gain the victory.

Josh Morris

Josh Morris is the Editor of Golf History Today. A proud USGA Volunteer and golf enthusiast. In his free time he enjoys being a weekend caddie as well as playing as much as he can.

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