On this day, In 1972 Lanny Wadkins gets his 1st win at the Sahara Invitational

Lanny Wadkins

Lanny Wadkins nabs his 1st win at Sahara in Las Vegas

Lanny Wadkins first win was a memorable one as he took the title in Las Vegas over the one and only Arnold Palmer.  He beat Palmer by a stroke to win it after opening a first round of 65 it was all a matter of hanging on.  The rookie, Wadkins withstood a charge by both Palmer and Jack Nicklaus but stayed steady turning in a 2 under par 69 on the final day.

Palmer had the best chance of the two, but let it squander when he failed to birdied the final par five.  Nicklaus was just one off the lead going into the final hole but sent a ball out of bounds, the next one into a lake.  He ended up taking a seven on the final hole.

Wadkins was just twenty-two at the time and was a Wake Forest University product.  It’s funny because he won the Arnold Palmer Golfing Scholarship to go to Wake Forest just years prior.

[tweetthis]For his first win 1972 Lanny Wadkins had to outlast late charges by both Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus #pga #golf[/tweetthis]

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[tweetthis]Lanny Wadkins earned the Arnold Palmer Scholarship at Wake Forest, In 72′ Wadkins had to beat Palmer for his 1st win[/tweetthis]

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