On this day, In 1970 Doug Sanders gets a win of sweet redemption at the Bahamas Island Open Classic


After heartbreak at St. Andrews, Doug Sanders finally got redemption in the Bahamas

The 1970 British Open and the 1970 Bahamas Island Classic…Two different climates, two different results.  The 1970 Open Championship will always be synonymous with Doug Sanders name.  After a heartbreaking loss in any regard, its near impossible to bounce back from defeat.  Defeated indeed was Sanders at the 1970 Open Championship missing a 3 foot putt for the win.  Although maybe he beat himself, its never unnerving having Jack Nicklaus charging at your back.  He says this quote when asked about the putt,”(Walter)Hagen said that no-one remembers who finished second. But they still ask me if I ever think about that putt I missed to win the 1970 Open at St. Andrews. I tell them that some times it doesn’t cross my mind for a full five minutes.” (see missed putt below)

The Bahamas Island Open

The Bahamas Island Open was held just five months after the heartbreaking moment and luckily Sanders was able to get a year-end win.  He broke a three year victory drought and the weight of the Open Championship didn’t make things any easier.  Sanders tapped in a par putt on the 2nd extra hole to beat Chris Blocker for the $26,000 first prize in the last event on the pro Schedule for the year.  “You don’t know how much this means to me—no one does,” said Sanders, who abandoned his playboy role and stalked the course in tight lipped determination. “This means an exemption for a year and it puts me back in the Masters and so many things.”

The King’s Winning Streak Ends

Arnold Palmer, the 41‐year‐old lead ing career, winner, failed in a id to keep alive his string of having won at least one individual tourney every, year since 1955.  He finished with a 69 for 281, looked at the scoreboard, shook his head and muttered:  “Well we“ll just have to try it again. next, year: Sure; disappointed. But I’m taking an optimistic view for next year.”

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