On this day, In 1969 Bruce Crampton wins the Hawaiian Open

Bruce Crampton

Bruce Crampton win in Hawaii was a long time coming…

In 1969, Bruce Crampton decided enough is enough, its time for a win.  The Australian native did just that in early November of the 1969 PGA Tour season.  He had been winless in his previous four seasons despite having a breakout year in 1965 with three wins.  He had finally entered the winner’s circle in Hawaii by shooting five-under-par 67.  The win was absolutely deserved when he held off the one and only Jack Nicklaus and edged the “Golden Bear” by four strokes.  Crampton finished with a 72 hole score of 274 opposed to Nicklaus 278.

There was something at stake although for Nicklaus as well.  He was trying to become the second man to reach 1 million dollars in career earnings behind only Arnold Palmer.  This event could of made that happen, but the young Australian Crampton had other ideas.

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