On this day, In 1966 Arnold Palmer is presented the Golden Tee Award by the Metro Golf Writers Association

Arnold Palmer holding a cake while his wife, Winnie holds his Golden Tee Award

In 1966, Arnie is awarded “The Golden Tee Award”

On this day In 1966, The Metropolitan Golf Writers Association presented Arnold Palmer, the Golfer/Capitalist/Jet-Pilot/ the Golden Tee award.  He flew his $750,000 jet plane the previous day to celebrate his wife’s, Winnie (pictured) birthday.  Many people at the dinner prosed this question: Why the jet Arnie? Why all the speed? (Palmer had chose to fly from his home in Latrobe, PA to New York City, a mere 45 minute trip.)

“Well, this just means that I’ll be able to get around faster.  I’ll be more relaxed going from one place to another, and ultimately that means I’ll play better golf.”

When Dave Marr, the current PGA Champion greeted Palmer at the dinner he said, “You’ve brought us a long way, Who would of thought a golf professional would ever be able to afford his own jet!?”

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