November 18th, 1962: Champagne Tony Lema wins the Mobile Seratoma Open


Champagne Tony Lema did it once again in 1962 for his 3rd win

Tony Lema started to catch fire at the end of the 1962 PGA Tour season by earning his third win.  His first had come September 30th when he won the Sahara Invitational.  Just a month later he won the Orange County Open Invitational for his second win in just a month.  Next he moved onto the The Mobile Sertoma Open Invitational in Alabama.   The Mobile Sertoma Open Invitational was a PGA Tour event that was played at the Mobile Municipal Golf Course in Mobile, Alabama in 1959-1962. The event had a very short run on the PGA Tour.  Present day the course is known as Azalea City Golf Course.

Lema won the 1962 Mobile Seratoma Open by 7 strokes over the next closest competitor, Doug Sanders. Champagne Tony shot an opening round of 67 to get him in a good position right out of the gate. He followed that up with a pair of 68’s to edge him closer to his third win.  The last day of the event Lema coasted to the finish by shooting a 70 and 273 aggregate score.

Josh Morris

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