On April 2, 1949 Ben Hogan leaves the hospital 59 days after his near fatal accident


This Day in Hogan History: Ben leaves the hospital

By: Mark Baron

On April 2, 1949 Ben Hogan would leave the hospital 59 days after his near fatal accident, weighing only 120 lbs, but on the road to recovery, as he had gained back eight of the 20 pounds he had lost.

Ben said no one could tell when he would play golf again, but he promised to be a spectator at the Colonial Open in his hometown of Ft. Worth June 2.

Ben was overcome by the flowers, cards and telegrams and would only say: “It’s great to be home again.”

That he would within a year return to competitive golf was a wonder. That he would in about 15 months win the 1950 US Open in Merion is considered one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. That he would win 13 more tournaments, 5 of which being majors was very Hoganesque.

Pictured: is Howard Maxon helping Ben to board a train in El Paso Texas to head back to his home in Ft. Worth after leaving the Hotel Dieu Hospital in 1949, 59 days after his near fatal car crash.

Mark Baron

Mark Baron is a Ben Hogan expert who posts daily about the legend. Check out Mark's huge following on the Ben Hogan Facebook Page and stay tuned for special Hogan anniversaries for Mark's insight. Check out the page here: www.facebook.com/benhogangolf

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