On this day, In 1948 Famed course designer Donald Ross passed away

Donald Ross

Donald Ross: Father of American course design

On this day, In 1948 famed course designer Donald Ross passed away at the age of 75 years.  He had a remarkable impression on the game of golf which in tradition is still respected today.  As a young lad, Ross had an apprenticeship under Old Tom Morris in 1899 St. Andrews.  In 1900, he spent his life saving on a trip to the Untied States and worked first at the Oakley Country Club in Massachusetts. A short time after he was appointed head golf professional at Pinehurst Resort.  Over his career, he was involved in designing or redesigning around 400 courses from 1900–1948, laying the foundation for America’s golf industry.

Ross, Pinehurst & North Carolina

Pinehurst No. 2 which has hosted many notable tournaments over the years.  It was the home of the North-South Open (which Ross won three times himself)  which was considered one of the most prestigious professional golf tournaments in the United States in the first half of the twentieth century.  The PGA Championship was held there in 1936, won by Denny Shute. In 1951, the resort hosted the Ryder Cup, and in 1991 and 1992 it was the venue for The Tour Championship.  In 1999, Pinehurst staged its second major, the U.S. Open, won by Payne Stewart at the No. 2 course. The U.S. Open was held there in 2005 & 2014 and in the future 2024.

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