1946: Ben Hogan teamed with Jimmy Demaret to win the Inverness Four-Ball Tournament

This Day in Hogan History: Hogan, Demaret win Inverness Four-Ball, again

By: Mark Baron – On June 23, 1946 Ben Hogan teamed with Jimmy Demaret to win the Inverness Four-Ball Tournament at the Inverness Country Club in Toledo, Ohio, earning $1,625.00 each. In this tournament, eight pairs of golfers played seven rounds over a span of five days against every other team. The team with the most winning holes won the tournament.

In the first round Hogan / Demaret defeated Sam Byrd / E. J. Harrison seven-up. Lloyd Mangrum / Lawson Little defeated Toney Penna / Herman Barron one-up. Byron Nelson / Harold “Jug” McSpaden defeated Bob Hamilton / Dick Metz. Herman Keiser / Chandler Harper defeated Sam Snead / Vic Ghezzi one-up.

In the second round Hogan / Demaret was defeated by Mangrum / Little 1-up. Nelson / McSpaden defeated Penna / Barron five-up.

In the third round Hogan / Demaret defeated Snead / Ghezzi five-up. Nelson / McSpaden defeated Keiser / Harper five-up. At the end of three rounds the Nelson / McSpaden team led the tournament by a slim two point margin over Hogan / Demaret. Both teams were tied in the “Birdie Derby” with 20 each. An extra prize of $250 for each player was at stake offered for the most birdies by one team in the tournament.

In the fourth round Hogan / Demaret defeated Harper / Keiser one-up. Nelson / McSpaden lost to Byrd / Harrison by one.

In the fifth round Hogan / Demaret defeated Penna / Barron four-up. Nelson / McSpaden defeated Mangrum / Little five-up. At the end of the fifth round the Nelson / McSpaden team had +17, one ahead of the Hogan / Demaret team with +16. All the other teams had minus scores.

In the sixth round, the two leading teams squared up against each other. The Hogan / Demaret team prevailed over Nelson / McSpaden by one stroke. There were 13 birdies in the match.

In the final round Hogan / Demaret defeated Hamilton / Metz three-up while the Nelson / McSpaden team lost for the third time to Snead / Ghezzi by two strokes.

The final tally was:
Hogan / Demaret +20
Nelson / McSpaden +14
Mangrum / Little +6
Harper / Keiser +2
Snead / Ghezzi -1
Hamilton / Metz -7
Penna / Barron -14
Byrd / Harrison -20

This was the second time the Hogan / Demaret team would win this event, having previously won in 1941. They would also win it in the upcoming two years in 1947 and 1948.

Mark Baron

Mark Baron is a Ben Hogan expert who posts daily about the legend. Check out Mark's huge following on the Ben Hogan Facebook Page and stay tuned for special Hogan anniversaries for Mark's insight. Check out the page here: www.facebook.com/benhogangolf

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