On March 10, 1946 Ben teamed with Jimmy Demaret to win the Miami Four Ball Tournament

Pictured are Jimmy Demaret (left) and Ben Hogan, after their victory at the 1946 Miami Four-Ball Tournament, in the locker room at the Miami Springs Country Club.

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By: Mark Baron


On March 10, 1946 Ben Hogan teamed with Jimmy Demaret to win the Miami Four Ball Tournament at the Miami Springs Course in Florida and earned $1,000 each. The Hogan/Demaret team defeated Sam Snead and Sam Byrd in the finals 1-up. Ben won this event three times, twice teaming with Demaret and once with Gene Sarazen.

In the first round Hogan and Demaret defeated George Schneiter and Herman Barron 3 and 2. Schneiter and Barron held a one-up lead at the end of the first 18 holes with a best ball of 64 against a 65 for Hogan and Demaret. Other matches included Byron Nelson and Harold McSpaden defeating Willie Klein and Will Goggin 2 and 1. Lawson Little and Lloyd Mangrum defeated Leonard Dodson and Jim Ferrier 1 up. Craig Wood and Toney Penna defeated Jimmy Hines and Ed Oliver after 38 holes. Sam Snead and Sam Byrd defeated Clayton Heafner and Jimmy Thomson 8 and 6. Chick Rutan and Claude Harmon defeated Henry Picard and Ky Laffoon 1-up. Vic Ghezzi and Bob Hamilton defeated Dick Metz and Denny Shute 1-up. Chandler Harper and Herman Keiser defeated E. J. Harrison and Johnny Revolta 4 and 3.

Pictured are Jimmy Demaret (left) and Ben Hogan, after their victory at the 1946 Miami Four-Ball Tournament, in the locker room at the Miami Springs Country Club.

In the second round Hogan and Demaret put together a 67 in the morning round against Harper and Keiser who shot a 68. Ben shot a four under par 31 on the outward nine of the afternoon round giving him and Demaret a 2-up lead and an eventual 4-3 win. Ben’s round included a 25-foot chip in on the 370 yard second hole for a birdie three and a 30-foot putt for a birdie two on the par three 210-yard eighth hole. Other winners included Nelson-McSpaden over Little-Mangrum 4-3. Snead-Byrd over Wood-Penna 5-4. Ghezzi-Hamilton over Rutan-Harmon 4-3.

In the third round Hogan-Demaret defeated Ghezzi-Hamilton3-2 after finishing the first 18 holes all square. Hogan sank five putts that were longer than 15 feet including a 40 footer on the eight hole. In the other semi-final match, Snead-Byrd defeated the defending champions Nelson-McSpaden after 40 holes.

The Final 36 Holes

In the 36 hole finals Hogan-Demaret defeated Snead-Byrd 1-up after 36 holes. Ben’s putter decided the match on three important holes.
On the 18th hole both Snead and Byrd were within ten feet of the cup while Jimmy was off the putting green and Hogan some 25 feet from the pin. Snead dropped his birdie putt and Hogan, with the pressure on, made his putt.

Hogan-Demaret held a 2-up lead after 27 holes.
They halved the 28th hole as Ben rammed in a 25 foot putt to halve the hole and Snead made a 12-footer.
The 29th hole went to Snead-Byrd when Demaret three-putted and Hogan missed his putt cutting the Hogan-Demaret lead to one.
They halved the next four holes.
On the 125-yard 34th hole Demaret landed his tee shot within two feet and sank the putt for a birdie as Snead-Byrd took par threes to give Hogan and Demaret a 2-up lead.
On the 35th hole, a long 440-yard par four, Snead hit a great drive, 175 yards from the green. He hit a five-iron to within 24 inches and sank the putt for a birdie three as Hogan and Demaret took fours to cut the lead to one.

Signature Ben Hogan

Ben made a clutch 20 foot putt on the 36th green to give them the victory. Both Snead and Byrd were on the 36th green in two and had easy putts. But when Hogan sunk the putt for a birdie three, they didn’t bother to putt out and conceded the match. The scorer gave Byrd and Snead birdies, but the pros in the clubhouse agreed it was a two-up victory because the rules state that when a contestant concedes a hole, and does not putt it out the hole is awarded to the winners.

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