December 4th, 1944: Byron Nelson won the San Francisco Open

San Francisco

Nelson picked up his 2nd win in San Francisco on this day

Byron Nelson struck gold in San Francisco in 1944, winning there twice in just a calendar year.  First it was his victory at the San Francisco Victory Open held in January, just eleven months later.  With this victory, Nelson held on with a 281 to squeeze out the close trailing Jim Ferrier, a Sergeant of Camp Roberts California.  Ferrier led at the halfway mark of the event but ended up faltering on the final nine.  It was was only a momentary slip but enough for Nelson to take over the event.

Nelson takes charge…

Byron Nelson was two shots behind when Ferrier chalked up his third successive eagle 3 on the #12.  Nelson gained back one at #13 and then squared the match at #15.  He jumped off to a lead on the tournament for the first time at the sixteenth where Ferrier lost 2 strokes by hitting his tee shot out of play.  In a last bit effort Ferrier got one back at the #17 but it wasn’t enough.  Nelson and Ferrier ended up squaring the final hole and the championship belonged to Nelson.

Josh Morris

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