On this day, In 1940 Byron Nelson wins his first PGA Championship over Sam Snead at Hershey Country Club

Byron Nelson

In 1946, Byron Nelson got his name on the Wanamaker Trophy for the first time and surely not the last…

PGA Tournament, Bryon Nelson tees off while Sam Snead looks on from the sidelines.

Published September 2nd, 2016  – Byron Nelson – Hershey Country Club was the sight of the 23rd PGA Championship won by 28 year old Byron Nelson 1-up in a 36 hole final over Sam Snead.  Of course the final is usually played on a Sunday, but due to nasty rains it was pushed back to Labor Day on that monday.  After the qualifier, Nelson had to dispose of Eddie Kirk, Ralph Guldahl before finally meeting Snead in the final.  The matchplay format was grueling… as it called for 12 rounds and a total of 216 holes within seven days.

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