On this day, In 1927 Walter Hagen wins his 4th straight PGA Championship

Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen made history by winning 4 PGA Championships in a row…

On this day, In 1927 Walter Hagen won his 4th straight PGA Championship at Cedar Crest Country Club located in Dallas, Texas.  Hagen was no stranger to the winners circle.  He had dominated this particular event over the past six years.  Hagen’s record over that six year span was 30-1 in matchplay.  His only blemish was a loss to Gene Sarazen in the 1922 final.  He had won five PGA Championships within a six year span.

Hagen had to play to a different storyline most of this tournament.  He was behind 25 year old Joe Turnesa most of the way.  Turnesa had him all the way until the last six holes before Hagen worked his magic.  In the end it was inevitable… Hagen was crowned the PGA Champion once again for the 5th time in his career winning 1 up over Turnesa.

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