1927: Bobby Jones makes his first hole-in-one on the 11th hole of East Lake Golf Club

East Lake
The plaque that sits at the 11th hole at East Lake Golf Club

Jones makes his 1st ace at East Lake CC

On this day, In 1927 Bobby Jones recorded his first ever hole in one, which came at his home course at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia.  He used a hickory shafted 4 iron from 173 yards away to ace the eleventh hole.  On eleventh’s tee box, a plaque sits to honor Jones’ first Hole-in-One.

The plaque reads:

Bobby Jones’ Hole-in-one

“In 1927 Robert Tyre (Bobby) Jones, Jr made his first Hole-in-One on the Eleventh Hole at East Lake.  It measured 173 yards.  He used a hickory shafted No. 4 iron on that occasion.  The second ace Jones made in his golfing career was accomplished on the Fourteeth hole of the Augusta Country Club on January 13, 1932.  It measured 136 yards.  He used a hickory shafted 4 iron on that occasion also.  Bob Jones once quoted his friend Eugene Black: “No man has mastered golf until he has realized that his good shots are accidents and his bad shots good exercise.” The odds of making a Hole-in-One are calculated to be 1 in 13,600 for amateurs and 1 in 2,500 for professionals.”

Josh Morris

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