On this day, In 1868 “Young Tom Morris becomes the youngest major championship winner of all time, winning The Open at 17 years old

Young Tom Morris

Young Tom Morris became the youngest winner ever of the Open Championship on this day

Published: September 23rd, 2016 – Young Tom Morris contribution to the popularity and rise of golf as a post is unparalleled by many during his short life.  Morris only aged to 24 and did more for the sport than most have in a lifetime.  As a young lad, Morris moved from Scotland’s capitol of Edinburgh and sided in Prestwick where his father “Old Tom Morris” was greens keeping for many years.

It was at that time when Young Tom studied the sport in a opprunitinity most wouldn’t get.  Prestwick is where Morris learned and groomed his game.  Prestwick Golf Course was the host of the inaugural Open Championship held in 1860 and was the site for the first twelve Open’s.  As more fame and prestige came to the event, The Morris family financial fortune was also in good favor as Young Tommy was sent to Ayr Academy with many other noble children.  

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