12 Years Ago Today: Tiger Woods sank a chip of a lifetime at Augusta National


2005 Masters: Tiger Woods vs. Chris DiMarco

“Here it comes … Oh, my goodness! … OH, WOW! IN YOUR LIFE, have you seen anything like that?!” – CBS’s Verne Lundquist’s famous call of Tiger Woods’ chip-in on the 16th hole.

Both players birdied 15 and set up a dramatic and memorable 16th hole. With DiMarco sitting comfortably in the center of the green Woods pulled his tee shot just off the green. Woods made a sensational chip, aiming 20 feet (6 m) to the left of the hole and using the sloping green to run the ball towards the hole. The ball crept towards the cup and appeared to stop on the lip of the hole before toppling in for a dramatic birdie. DiMarco missed his birdie putt and the lead grew back to two with just two to play. Woods pushed his drive on 17 leading to a bogey, cutting the lead to one as they went to the 72nd hole.

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